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Give Your Pets A Helping Hand

Your pets can have the same physical challenges you do. They're part of the family and nothing can be more heartbreaking than seeing the pet you love lethargic or in pain.

To make matters worse, they can't tell you how badly they feel, but you can see it in every movement they make.

But there's good news! Your pets can benefit from our Energy Wellness just like the rest of your family.

The Pet Tag brings the combined benefits of the Action Disc, Relief Disc, and Purify Disc directly to your pets.

The Pet Tab is designed to:

  • Increase Your Pet’s Energy Level
  • Diminish Chronic & Acute Pain
  • Reduce Effects Of Daily Toxins
  • Protect From Fleas & Ticks
  • Bring Back Bounce & Vitality

When you attach a Pet Tag to your pet's collar, you'll be surprised how quickly you see bounce and vitality returning to your favorite friend.