Optimize DNA 2 Pack

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Optimize DNA™ with ac-11® - A real game changer!

Optimize DNA with ac-11® (350 mg per ounce.) was developed as a synergistic blend of nutrients and co-factors to optimize cellular DNA repair (healing), and to promote immune function and optimal stem cell function as we age. Up to two (2) ounces per day provides a concentrated source of nutrients, including key antioxidants and phytonutrients shown to support cellular health. This includes 8 antioxidant rich super fruits, resveratrol, carnosine, lutein, lycopene and especially ac-11® as the conductor of this nutrient symphony.

The synergistic blend of nutrients helps to counter our processed food and nutrient deficient diets as well. For example, over 40 common varieties of fruits and vegetables have lost between 20% and 40% of their nutrient content over the last several decades. It is not getting any better. A lot of the foods we eat today still look the same due to GMO’s and other market focused strategies but lack the nutrients that our parents and grandparents had in their diets. The reality is, the further we have “progressed” from the natural foods that nourished our forefathers, the less healthy and the less energetic we have become. Is it any wonder that we see so many more instances of degenerative diseases and children being born and living with a host of aliments uncommon just 30 years ago. Not to mention a rapid rise in additional aliments including adult-onset diabetes, heart disease, arthritis and cancer. The list is really much longer. To date, there have been scores of nutrient deficient conditions discovered and studied. There is no such thing as a drug deficiency. Enough said.