Cell Protect Disc

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Protect Yourself Against Harmful EMF Radiation Today...

Today, research indicates there may be significant damage from EMF radiation... including brain cancer from using cell phones. The danger is greatest for young people. They use cell phones to talk and send text messages all the time... and the more you use your cell phone the more you're at risk.

Researchers believe that the microwave radiation from cell phones interacts with the water in your brain to create electrical vortexes, and research shows that EEG signals are significantly changed when you use a cell phone, even if you just carry it. Studies have also shown that cell phones can heat your brain just like a microwave oven heats food.

Many people think shielded bags, patches and holsters for phones are protecting them. Those products really don't protect you when you're talking on the phone... and that's when it's most important. They only change the amount of radiation reaching you when the cell phone is in the bag or holster. As soon as you actually use the phone they stop working. So, what's the point of using them?

In addition, think about how many hours you spend sitting in front of computer screens or watching TV. They're a source of EMF radiation too. Why take a chance with your health or your children's?

Electromagnetic radiation comes from:

  • Cell Phones
  • Cell Phone Towers
  • Bluetooth Headsets
  • Wireless Phone Handsets
  • Computer Monitors
  • Tablet Computers
  • TVs
  • Electrical Wiring in Your Home
  • Broadcast TV and Radio Signals
  • Microwave Ovens
  • Other Electronic Devices

And all this radiation can be harming you in subtle ways you can't even feel.

The Cell Protect Disc is designed to protect you from potentially harmful electromagnetic fields (EMF). You are surrounded and bombarded by EMF 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The Cell Protect Disc is the perfect product for anyone that wants to avoid playing Russian roulette every time they use a cell phone or other electronic device.

The Cell Protect Disc is placed directly on the back of a Cell Phone or any other Electronic Device and Eliminates any Harmful Effect of EMF Radiation.

The Cell Protect Disc is designed to:
  • Protect You From Cell Phone Radiation
  • Protect Your From Computer Radiation
  • Protect You From Wi-Fi Radiation
  • Reduce EMF Effects Of All Electronics
  • Reduce EMF Damage To Your DNA

The Cell Protect Disc is Your Solution!