Cardio Support

Argi Align

After years of taking many L-arginine products and spending upwards of $200 per month. I have been taking the Argi Align product and am happy that I have improved results and enjoy the taste. I am only using 1 scoop a day versus several a day with the others. With what I am saving I now have my wife, mother and other family members taking a scoop every day. Brilliant product and recommend it.”

– John K – London, England

“When I discovered Argi Align, I was impressed not only with the science behind the product, but the years of hands on research that have gone in to the formulation. I am a recent convert, and I love the results and have more energy for my morning trail runs.”

– D. Tanner, 78-year-old Triathlete & Author

Nutritional Support

I have had a pain in my lower right abdomen (gall bladder or liver area) for some time now. It has been intermittent and exacerbated when I lay on my right side. It feels like a cramp that goes away after I stand up for a few minutes. I am now starting my 3rd week taking the Body Align pH nutritionals: Vitamin Align, Mineral Align, Omega Align and Collagen Align in conjunction with Argi Align. I have been completely pain free for over a week now and the only thing I have changed is the addition of these nutritionals to my daily routine. My aches and pains, including my knees also seem to be lessening. Great products.

-Jim Smith

Energy Wellness

Ultimate Wellness Band

The energy band really works!!! I get up 6 days a week at around 4:25 am to exercise. This consists of a 5 ½ to 6-mile walk. How do I know it works? My walking route has some hills along the way at about a 30 to 35-degree incline. Prior to wearing the Ultimate Health Band, my breathing would be labored. After wearing the band for a couple of days, I’ve started to run the hill without any difficulty; my breathing remains normal. My walking partners are very inquisitive and they want to know which medications I’ve begun taking. I did NOT tell them I was wearing the Ultimate Health Band. Later, after I shared my secret with them, one joined the business and the other is pending. It really works!!! If you want the energy you have been missing, wear the band. I have to tell the Mark Thomas story – Mark came to Killeen from Arkansas, making a couple of stops along the way to present the business opportunity. After a 20-hour workday, he arrived at my home at about 1:45 am. With a couple hours of sleep, I invited him to go with me to exercise; he reluctantly accepted. We were up and on our way at 4:25 am. I did not cut him any slack. I walked my same route- 5 ½ to 6 miles. What was most impressive to me; his breathing pattern did not change. I know Mark had not done any type of physical training since Oct of last year. He was a Marine. I guess what he reiterates often is true–once a Marine always a Marine. He was and has been wearing the Ultimate Health Band. It really works!

-John Banks

I received my Chiropractic license in 1967 and Acupuncture certification in 1974 and practiced using both until 1995 and I have treated my wife since 1969. We have been married over 20 of those years. She has needed treatment almost daily for those 20 years for either headache, neck pain, back pain or leg pain and has had really bad headaches for too many years to try and pin down how long. She has been wearing the arm band now for about 4 weeks. During that time, I have noticed that she no longer has the headaches, she doesn’t need her neck, back or legs fixed. Just this morning we discussed the fact that our life has changed a great deal, because we not only feel better in general, but our general sense of “wellbeing” is much improved.

-Dr. Larry Shaw

When my husband and I first got our Body Align products, we started wearing our bands right away. When I was 14 I fell off a horse and cracked my tailbone and I have had problems ever since, which get worse every year. 3-4 nights a week I had to put on a heating pad just to get some rest. After several days, I realized I could sleep all night and my sciatic problems are almost gone! I don’t know how to put it into words, how miraculous it is! We are really excited.

-Kay Beverly

I am using the products and getting results from the Energy Band and Relief discs. I’m an underwater photographer, and lug scuba tanks and camera equipment around all the time – I have aches and pains, being 57 years old. That’s a powerful combo – a pay plan that is going bonkers generating me checks, and a no nonsense, scientifically tested product line. I’m in for the long haul on this one! Thanks Body Align Team!

-Timothy Grollimund

“After everything I’ve seen & done over the years (Creating my #1 Best-Seller ‘Conversations with Millionaires’, being a Featured TV Success Story, & meeting many different self-made millionaires, etc), almost NOTHING I have seen or done blew me away as much as the helpful results I got from using the Body Align bracelet and stickers! You see, I had SEVERE balance and memory challenges from a Brain Anneurysm that almost killed me 5 years ago and NOTHING seemed to really help me get any better until I put the Body Align stickers and wrist band on! Right away I could FINALLY stand up from a seated position without ULTRA severe balance and head rush issues! Before using the Body Align BRILLIANCE every time I stood up from a seated position I felt like I was going to pass out unconscious because of how SEVERE the head rush and balance issues were! My vision went pitch black and I felt like I was going to pass out. But now, all that incredibly frustrating agony is finally GONE!! Now, from using the bracelet and stickers I can stand up from a seated (or laying) position without ANY of those harsh and dreadful issues anymore!!! Thanks a MILLION for creating SUCH an amazingly powerful, brilliant, & SIMPLE solution!!”

-Jason Oman#1 Best-Selling Author of ‘Conversations with Millionaires’, ‘Conversations with Female Millionaires’, & ‘Millionaire Money Formula’, Featured TV Success Story

Relief Disc

My knees are SOOO Happy!!! I received my BA product and immediately placed the Relief discs on the inside of both my knees. Within a few minutes I felt less thickness and issues in walking. Then an hour later, walking was a breeze, no pain. The next day, I did stairs at normal speed and aerobic pace walking without any pain or noticeable stress in either knee!! Thank you Body Align! I no longer hobble along with grabbing knee pain in each step. 

-Elaine Kay

I’ve been getting headaches, and for the last 4 weeks, the relief discs have been a lifesaver. I put the 2 discs on. In 5 minutes, the headache is gone. This has worked several times. At my Martial Arts gym, I have 75 women in our program. Someone always has an injury, or is tired, having surgery, etc.… In the fitness industry, that is part of it. One person I helped had Sciatic nerve trouble… I placed the discs in the right spot… She is coming back every day wanting another one. We can’t keep them in stock. I am just now learning about them… I can tell you though, they just work and are exciting. 

-Ashli Kimball & Family

I have been using the Body Align products for a year. I had half of my nose removed from a skin cancer this month. I was burned, cut through and had plastic surgery. The Doctors wanted to put me to sleep. I asked them to just give me a local anesthetic to deaden the area around the nose. I put relief discs on the other side of my nose. I was able to talk to the doctors and nurses about Body Align during the entire surgery without pain, as I had a captive audience! They were amazed that my BP rose to 118/70 during the whole time. (It used to be borderline high a year ago). They are amazed and want to buy some discs and bands when I come back to get my stitches removed! It is now three days later, I put a relief disc on top of the stitches and I have had no swelling, no pain, and have taken no drugs! 

-Mark Thomas

Paul: Up until now, I have had chronic gout. I have taken medicine, but it has not been working. I couldn’t walk. Two months ago, I used a relief disc on my left ankle. After only 4 days, no gout! I also get it in thumbs. I have been pain free for 2 months now! This is HUGE, especially if you play the drums like me! 

-Paul and Kelly

I had a horrible time with neck pain for over 18 years, before being introduced to the Relief disc from Body Align. I used to spend $150 a week for chiropractic and therapeutic massages for the pain but for the first time in 15-20 years, I have no inflammation in my neck. I can press on it with no pain. I can turn my neck right or left with no pain. I have not been to a doctor in 3 weeks. By the next morning I had 50-70% relief! In 24 hours, I had about 90% relief, In 72 hours, I had almost 100% relief! It’s a wonderful thing!! 

-Jim Wellburn 

As a Firefighter for over 25 years I have to be physically and mentally sharp at all times. With the help of Body Align products I have had Amazing results! Tendinitis in my shoulder has been drastically reduced with the relief disc. With the Action disc in combination with the wristband I am having amazing workouts at my gym, all with no shoulder pain, and feel like I can go forever! Thanks Claude 


Sleep Disc

Two hours after getting my ultimate wristband and putting it on; I felt a surge of energy, like a runner’s high when I was jogging. That evening I slept for hours 7 by using the sleep discs. I woke up once for my ‘pit stop’ at 3am in the morning but I went back to sleep within 20 minutes instead of an hour or two. 

-Roy E Hardcastle

I wanted to take the time out to say thank you to everyone at Body Align. Along with many people who are getting older, I have had problems sleeping. I wake up, go to the bathroom and can’t go back to sleep right away. I used to be up for 1 ½ hours after this nightly ritual before I started using the Sleep disc. I just put them on the inside of my wrist and sleep like a baby now. Thank you Body Align! 

-Jim Carter

I want to say the sleep disc works amazing. I was on sleeping pills for years. I had to get off them, but I still was not sleeping well. It got so bad that my doctor put me on an anti-depressant. Once the Sleep discs kicked in, I was able to be 100% drug free! 

-Meredith from Georgia

Youth Disc

For many years I would often awake with ‘night sweats’ about 4am. Now, with BA Youth discs, I no longer have this unpleasant experience. I wear them according to the rotation schedule on the BA Youth brochure, three days on, one day off. I am also noticing enhanced mental clarity without the occasional ‘fog brain’ feeling and a more youthful facial skin appearance. Thank you Body Align!! 

-Elaine Kay, Indiana

Before she shared using the disc she was having a lot of hot flashes and mood swings and a mental clarity wasn’t that good. Afterwards, actually 20 minutes afterwards I could start to tell the difference in how she felt. She’s using the 3 on and 1 off and has very limited hot flashes and aren’t nearly as severe as before. Memory and thinking is clearer. Mood swings are gone. As soon as she started using it she could tell a really big difference. She has had breast cancer and can’t have hormonal replacement therapy her oncologist wasn’t able to give me HRT’s because they increase the chances of breast cancer. Under no condition would they give her HRT. She was on homeopathic medication and it increased her heart rate that she had to stop. Went back to the doctor and she asked what was on her throat? Told her it had natural compounds. No increased heart rate and no side effects. Blood work was good and keep right on using them. Medical Administrator so I’ve seen it all… 

-Janet Berthelot

I joined the Body Align family in August and since that time, I have been wearing the youth disc. From the moment I began wearing it, I could see and feel the difference in the way that my skin looked. Immediately, I could see a brightness in my face. I can see a glow that I haven’t seen in a long. After I had worn it for about a week, my friend looked at me, and said, "What did you do to your face, you look different." Here is a photo that I took showing a comparison of me when I was 23 years old, and how I look today. As you can see, I am wearing my wristband as well as one of my discs. In the morning when I awake, I feel great, ready to get up, and start my day. Love what’s happening at the company, and where it’s going. Thank you for being there for us, and helping us to feel a part of the family. With great expectation, 

-Julia Rohrmoser 

Action Disc

He has been having a serious case of vertigo (dizziness) and a peripheral vision issue for an unknown reason for the past several years. He has visited his physician and specialists for (at least) the past 2 years and they have been unable to do anything, or give us a definitive reason for this. My dad is a very young, early 70’s gentleman that had given up hope of being able to drive.

He started using the action disc for sustained energy and he was able to (for the first time in a very long time) turn himself around several times (think twirl) in his living room last week without a bit of vertigo.

This is a man that had given up hope and was starting to (for the first time in my 50 years) feel deflated and old. I would say he was bordering on clinical depression because of the things he was no longer able to do and BA has given him back his hope and youthful attitude. I got my Daddy back!
-Mershawn Foley

Purify Disc

I began using the Purify disc as a matter of testing all of the Body Align products. First, I used it on my foot, then the other foot. Interestingly, it seemed to help with the discomfort that had been in my legs. I am so thrilled with the results so far and I have tremendous hope for the future. Heartily, I say "thank you" to Steve and Warren and all the folks at Body Align for this disc that we call PURIFY. 

-Bruce Smith

First let me say that I’m a nurse. In 2011, I was run over by a car. I have multiple injuries and have lived in pain every day. When I got my Body Align products and put the ultimate wellness band on, within an hour, I realized that my back didn’t hurt! Um! Well, if that will make this big a difference, let me try something else… I am a researcher, so I saw the purify disc has an analgesia quality. So, I put a purify disc on the recommended spot. For the first time since November 2011, my foot did not hurt! Not only did it not hurt, I had range of motion, that doesn’t just happen! I can honestly say, thank you Body Align! I can’t believe that after one and a half years of pain, something so spectacular has happened that I don’t swallow pain pills by the first full anymore. It is an amazing thing! 

-Mershawn Foley

I had the experience of going to the hospital in July of this summer and was admitted to ICU for pneumonia and septic shock. About four weeks later I started to feel a cold coming and heading into my lungs, as soon as I felt that I took my purify disks and put them in the LU-1 position along the collar bone, I noticed within a very short time my lungs were clearing and I was breathing better the cold stayed out of my lungs! I am so grateful, I am prone to bronchitis as well, in using the purify discs and through the support and education of my Body Align family I did not even get sick. I saved $100.00 for a doctor’s visit (at a minimum) the cost of antibiotics and most importantly the cost of time not spent with family and life! Thank you Body Align! 

-Laura McKibbon

Breathe Disc

My wife is approaching 80 and has had serious “hay fever and allergies” for most of her life. three days with the Breathe Discs on her temples not only has completely stopped most of the symptoms including daily headaches. She has gone as long as a week without the discs and when anything crops up such as runny eyes or nose or itching eyes, the discs will stop it in its tracks in just a few minutes. This is a GRAND THING! She really has not realized that this can be real, but I can tell ya, it makes it better for everyone! Thanks!

-Dr. Larry

At a Body Align event the weather on Sunday left many feeling puny due to a lot of sinus pressure; myself included! I heard that they would be introducing the Breathe disc that day & begged Steve to let me try some right away. I was barely functional! He took me right over to get some. I put them on & within a couple of minutes I could feel the pressure diminishing; in about 15 minutes the sinus pressure was gone!!! I could think again!

Btw: although some placed them on their cheek on either or either side of the bridge of their nose, I heard some saying that it had made their nose drain but didn’t seem to be relieving the pressure in their head. My nose was not stuffy, so it was suggested that I place them on my temples, so I did & got the results I needed!

-Luanna Scrogan

Mass Disc

Being a physical fitness trainer and who specialize in working with all levels of athletes for more endurance, flexibility and balance. I have been working with supplements and other things to relieve anxiety, stress and neuropathy. I am very pleased to say that I have gained 17 lbs. of lean muscle mass due to the Mass discs and eating correctly.

-Stan Jagow – Physical Fitness trainer from St. Louis.

Pet Tag

I want to let you know how well one of the Relief Holographic Discs has worked for my dog. She had radical surgery to remove a cancerous tumor from her neck a year ago and has had remnant periodic pain from the extreme nature of the surgery. This fall when she was going through a particularly long spell of pain, I applied a Relief Holographic disc to one of her dog tags to see if it could impact the pain level for her and was amazed that within a half hour she was feeling better. The pain spell had lasted for almost two months, so that kind of response was amazing to see. I’ve kept one on her dog tag ever since. Thanks 

-Joy Pecchia

While I was visiting my niece I noticed her dog had a skin condition that was driving her crazy with itch (I had just signed up with BA but didn’t have my kit yet) She had her discs so we put a Relief Disc on the collar and secured it with tape. It was not but a few minutes when the dog was lying down comfortable and asleep. Do I believe in the miracle of BA? I sure do!! Dogs don’t know about the "Placebo effect"!! This is for real!! 

-Gloria Sanders

Prissy had been having seizures and was on anti-seizure meds which came with negative side-effects. She began wearing her Pet Power Tag about three weeks. She was immediately able to come off the anti-seizure meds that she was taking daily. She has remained seizure-free and has had lots of energy. Her appetite is hearty. She is back to my sweet Prissy! My little teacup Chihuahua feels great! Thank you so much for introducing me to this phenomenal Pet Tag, it really works! Very happy, 

-Becky Elder

Just a quick update. I took Buddy for his first walk yesterday, 1 1/2 weeks after getting the tag on him. He amazed me…. stepping out more strongly and securely…. not wobbling or stumbling at all. We had a really good time and stayed out a full hour!! He was alert and interested and showing me where HE wanted to go! Wishful thinking or not…. Buddy is definitely doing better and acting younger than he has in recent memory! Thanks for helping him! Have a great week!